About the developer


My name is Eugene Qilo. I'm a Chaldean activist and a software developer. My goal is to use my programming skills to create applications like ChaldeanOCR.com to help my community restore and preserve our rich Chaldean heritage and language.

I started working on ChaldeanOCR.com in early 2018 when I saw the need to digitalise the Chaldean documents we have. There are two main reasons to digitalise our documents

  1. To preserve them. When documents are only in printed format, they will be lost forever if the documents are destroyed.
  2. For ease of use, research, and publishing. Large scale researches are made possible when you have the documents in digital format.

It took eight months to research and develop this tool and although there are ongoing expenses associated with keeping this tool running online, I wanted to give it for the public for free. My goal is to promote our rich Chaldean language. However; if you want to contribute to this project please get in touch with me. I appreciate all kinds of contributions.

This project is the first of many I'm planning to work on. I'm very interested in building a network of professionals interested in Chaldean heritage and work together on exciting projects to benefit our community and the world! We are one of the oldest surviving communities! It fascinates me everytime I think about it!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I want to hear about how did this tool helped you or hear about the projects you are working on. If you are working on a project and you need help from a software developer, please shoot me a message. I will gladly help with what I can.

Best wishes,
Eugene Qilo